Public Health & Integrated Eye Care

This program gives ophthalmic experts the learning and abilities required to reduce blindness and visual disability in their populations by developing an evidence-based public health approach for the control and management of blinding eye ilnesses.It empowers students to contribute effectively at a local,national and international level in research,training and benefit conveyance.

This will empower students to build-up a public health oriented approach to eye care services and the control of visual deficiency with regards to the targets objectives of Vision 2017: The Right to Sight.

  • Delays to follow-up eye appointments
  • Optician practices and local hospital eye services
  • Networked ophthalmology care
  • National Eye Health Week
  • Funding eye research
  • Reducing vision-related falls
  • Community eye health
  • Using patient experience to improve eye care services
  • Sight loss and mental health

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